2020 redefined our concept of the office and how and where we work

New working practices have been adopted that might otherwise have taken decades to establish. Hybrid working, combining the home and office is here to stay.

Business is re-evaluating how it operates – from how we market our services and sell our products, to the logistical and technological challenges we now face. Our success in all these areas depends on the safety and welfare of our people, which is why we’re adopting new ways of working to safeguard them and drive businesses forward.

Organisations need to consider;

How do we get people working safely in the office?

What do people need, to be productive?

Who should return to the office and how frequently do they need to be there?

Return to work: The changing workplace

Covid-19 has changed the way we work. The uncertainty many of us face means we have to be flexible and pivot to different priorities. Flexible working is here to stay and offices will need to accommodate this change. Businesses also need to protect their capital amidst the economic uncertainty.

Companies implementing measures for new methods of working will ensure their employees work effectively, productively and safely. Employees will have peace of mind knowing their company is looking after them.

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Workspace solutions: Finance Packages

Financing options are also available to help protect company expenditure in uncertain times. Limelight Workspace offers flexible financing and scalable products to accommodate your changing requirements. On order values of more than £10,000, you will be able to lease your products. Saving on precious capital. Should you need to return the products, you can. No questions asked.

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Our people want to be safe and secure, wherever they work

Business leaders need to address three main considerations that will change how and where we work. These considerations will shape the office environment, both culturally and physically, moving forward.

Return to Work

Workspaces and offices will need to support new ways of working to ensure a safe return to the office. They will need to become multi-functional in order to provide flexible spaces that support agile working.

Office Hygiene and Safety

This will be a top priority for many organisations. Getting the workforce to take responsibility for office hygiene and best practice is going to be key.

Flexible and Home Working

Flexible and home working improves work/life balance, enhances employee happiness, raises productivity, reduces absenteeism and increases staff retention. It’s easier to implement flexible working when key processes and technology are integrated and your people have the right equipment to work from home.

This brings a complex duty of care to employers. Legislation and compliance is applicable to both the home and office workspaces. Our people want to be safe, secure and empowered to work effectively, wherever they work.

Limelight Workspace helps you to do just that. We give you guidance and creative ideas to prepare your workspace for the safe return of your people. We bring you solutions that enable your people to work safely and effectively from the office and home. So together, you can build a sustainable and secure business for the future.

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