Visitor Management Solutions

Operational protocols and parameters are likely to change on a weekly basis, for the foreseeable future. Many businesses are attempting to find and use tools to manage the reduced occupational densities in their workplaces.

Technology will help manage occupancy and support how you allocate available office space by enabling employees to book desk space from home prior to coming to work. These scheduling tools and booking apps fully support this flexible approach to workplace provisions – maintaining the safety, wellbeing and productivity of your employees.

Workplace Scheduling Technology

Workplace scheduling technology offers more than just managing meeting room bookings. It has the potential to revolutionise organisational capabilities and enhance workplace user experience.

With limited availability across the building, employees will need to plan ahead if they want to book specific settings for their tasks and team activities. In the current situation, there are useful benefits to collecting data from these booking platforms.

Your organisation can see in advance where team members plan to work. This will not only help individuals plan their day but will also help businesses manage social distancing protocols.

Employers can track those who have been in contact with suspected cases of COVID-19. The data can directly feed into targeted cleaning regimes, focusing on occupied desks rather than a full-floor deep clean.

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Visitor Management Technology

Unmanned Reception Technology

Check-in systems that allow visitors to log themselves in. The system takes their picture and sends a notification to the person they’re meeting. This cuts down on processes, time and unnecessary social interaction.

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Use digital systems to manage social distancing

Office Monitoring Systems

Understanding occupancy and office capacity is essential to the future of the workplace. Systems that support social distancing and office occupancy are a game-changer. GoBright allows users to book desk space from home via an app or a web portal, while the system manages the space.

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Reduce the number of touch points

Gesture Controlled Hygiene Solutions

Technology that reduces the number of things we touch is a must in the COVID-19 office environment. Everything from lighting to toilet flushes could be sensor controlled. These solutions are crucial as organisations prepare to get their teams back into the workplace.

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