Office Hygiene & Safety

Your employees and visitors need to feel secure, the moment they enter the office environment

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A clean and hygienic workplace helps limit infection from spreading and protects everyone in your workspace. Hygiene is going to play an important role in the office for the foreseeable future. Organisations have an obligation to adapt and design their workspaces with infection control in mind.

The average person touches 140 objects in the office environment every day, excluding fixtures and fittings, so reducing the number of things they touch and ensuring cleanliness is key.

You will need to remind people and reinforce your protocols with communication and practical solutions.

Get people back to work safely

Covid-19 Testing

Sometimes it’s not possible for your people to work from home. That means you need to ensure your workforce is safe and virus free.

We provide corporate testing for organisations with up to 10,000 employees. Bringing safe, scalable on-site testing to your premises.

Covid 19 Testing

Signage & wall graphics

Social distancing solutions

Easy to install on walls, integrated signage, floor vinyls and other design-led features will be key to supporting initial social distancing. Internal signage applications could also be considered as part of a broader internal communication strategy that helps your people return to work.

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The average commute brings us into contact with many surfaces before we reach the office

General infection control

Businesses require both short and long-term solutions to support a clean hands process before we enter the office space and while at work. Foyers that encourage visitors and staff to clean their hands when entering the workspace will become standard.

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The latest in Covid Prevention technology


SteriPod enables organisations to open their doors and get people back to work.

SteriPods are walk-through gateways that take less than 10 seconds to disinfect each person, allowing your customers and employees to flow smoothly as they move onto your premises, with minimal interruption.

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Office Hygiene Safety Bundles

Office hygiene and safety will be a top priority for many organisations. Getting the workforce to take responsibility for office hygiene and best practice is going to be key.

Cleaning your office space will reassure returning employees, as will implementing processes and lasting structural changes to support long-term hygiene and cleanliness.

Limelight Workspace have put together a selection of product bundles, helping you to make the right choice for your employees.

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Visitor Management Solutions

Operational protocols and parameters are likely to change regularly, for the foreseeable future. We offer solutions to help you to manage the reduced occupational densities in your workplace.

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PPE Solutions

A full range of personal protective equipment available for immediate dispatch to offices or direct to the homes of your employees. Demonstrating your commitment to the health and safety of your employees.

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Compact keyring

Avoid touching surfaces with a compact keyring, allowing your people to open doors, push lift buttons and use pin machines without contact.

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Protective Screens

Personal protective screens for efficient separation of your people. Clear dividing screens, desktop header screens, individual screens, and reception screens.

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